Sunshine Liebster ~ creative baby name gone wrong? or post smashing two tags together? you decide!!!

Actually you don’t have to decide, for I will tell you. It is a tag post! The lovely Samantha over at Bookshire tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger award, so I’m doing that, and then the lovely Emily over at E. K. Seaver tagged me for the Liebster award, so I’m doing that.

And by “doing,” I mean I’m answering the questions. I have exams to study for and applications to write, so I fear you’ll have to excuse me from writing new questions or tagging people. Steal these people’s questions if you are so inclined, though – we’re all socialists here and I daresay they don’t mind anyway.

Because I’m breaking half of them anyway, I can’t be bothered to list the rules, so let’s get to Sam’s questions without further ado!

What is a genre that you didn’t think you would enjoy when you first started reading (or watching) it, but now really do?

The only semi-answer I can come up with here (because my tastes really don’t change) is Marvel. I always said I’m not a superhero person, but I’ve enjoyed the majority (three out of five!) of the Marvel movies I’ve seen. And not just enjoyed; I really loved Captain Americas 1 & 2.

But it’s still not the best answer, because one of the reasons Civil War didn’t do it for me (there were other reasons too, for sure, but this was probably a fairly big one) was that it was too superhero-y. The First Avenger was character-driven in a way superhero stories often try to be but aren’t – and definitely a cliché, but a cliché done with heart and style. My friend said it had a fairy-tale feel, which…sounds weird, but the more I think about it the more I think he’s right. And Winter Soldier felt, to me, like a Helen MacInnes novel, except modern-day and with a few weird sci-fi trappings. Whereas Civil War was much more generic superheroes-whizzing-around-blowing-things-up fare.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, I once upon a time thought I would never be interested in a superhero story. But I have since discovered that I can enjoy superhero stories if they’re not too…superhero-y.

(Like, Steelheart. I loved that one. Because all the superheroes were bad.)

(Oh, and as of when I’m actually posting this, I’ve also seen The Avengers, and…yeah. The whole time I was watching it, I was like, “This is so stupid,” and my brain was like, “but are you entertained?” and I was like, “no, yeah, I’m a little too entertained.”)

What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?

Well, I once saw a chalkboard on which was scrawled in white chalk: “What you do today is important, because you just exchanged a day of your life for it.”

I think about that a lot.

I also think a lot about Gandalf’s similar statement: “So do I, and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

So yes. I think the best advice I was ever given (well, besides this thing my violin teacher once told me, but that’s, like, super specific to second movements of Baroque violin concertos, so yeah :-P) was given to me by a fictional wizard and a chalkboard.

What is something that you like to eat that your family (or housemates) think is weird?

My roommate thought my deep and abiding love for cream-cheese-and-olive sandwiches was weird, I think. Apparently no one outside my family eats these things???

Y’all are missing out. They’re really good. You take a loaf of fluffy bread (like, Italian or French or whatever that stuff at the grocery store is that’s fluffy—or you can bake it yourself, I guess, which I don’t do because every time I try to bake bread I fail miserably), slice it in half down its length, smear one side thick with cream cheese, pack the cream-cheesed surface with black olives, and put the top half back down on top of it. And voila, a delicious sandwich.

What is your favorite book to reread, and how many times have you reread it?

There are a select few books I’ve reread so many times I’ve literally lost count. But my favorite among all the excellent and well-beloved contenders has to be…a toss-up. A toss-up between The House at Pooh Corner and Assignment in Brittany. As aforementioned, I don’t know exactly how many times I’ve read either. Because they just…don’t get old.

Pooh bothering (or not bothering), Piglet holding carelessly courageous conversations with Heffalumps (but unfortunately, only in his head), Rabbit being officious, Eeyore being…Eeyore. Never gets old.

And HEARNE. Hearne never gets old. Never never never. I love Hearne. I think I need to go reread Assignment in Brittany again, actually…

Oh, wait. I completely forgot about The Home Ranch. That is my dad’s favorite book and quite possibly mine and definitely my favorite book to reread (again, no idea how many times I’ve read it).

I’m long due for a reread there too, actually. I was feeling physically homesick for it the other day.

Who is your favorite artist? What’s your favorite piece of art by them?

Um, I know nothing about art.

Like, really. I’m blanking on famous painters here, besides the impressionists, who aren’t my favorite anyway.


Have you ever travelled out of your home country? Where did you go?

Nope. Only time I ever even saw the edge of my home country (a.k.a. the ocean) was two years ago, and it was for one day. One very beautiful day of lighthouse-stair-climbing, floppy hats, jumping off sandbanks, mosquito attacks, dolphin sightings, body surfing, and Adventures in Not Getting Sucked Away by the Riptide…but anyway. No.

Who are your favorite and least favorite authors?

Some of my less cliché favorites include:

  • A. A. Milne (because of course)
  • Helen MacInnes
  • James Herriot
  • Ralph Moody
  • E. B. White
  • Megan Whalen Turner
  • Rudyard Kipling

And I’ll just cut it off there even though it’s painful and get on to some of my least favorites.

  • Alexandre Dumas. Maybe that isn’t fair, and I do intend to read The Count of Monte Christo one of these days – I have high hopes for it, in fact – but I feel like I hated The Three Musketeers enough to say this.
  • John Green. Okay. He’s smart and talented and all, but I disagree with his worldview so much. And obviously you can love works by authors with whose worldview you disagree, but John Green’s worldview is what makes his books depressing and nihilistic and I personally don’t like depressing and nihilistic books. (I also don’t like contemporary YA romances, but that’s semi-irrelevant.) Also, his male love interests are as terrible as they can get without being abusive – at least in Turtles All the Way Down and The Fault in Our Stars they are. At least I think in The Fault in Our Stars they are. I managed about a page once the male love interest showed up and then shut the book forever.
  • Terry Pratchett. This is probably also unfair. He’s a really good writer and very funny, but his nihilistic worldview just poisons his books, for me.
  • I’ve never read a story by William Faulkner that I don’t hate, so…?

What is the best book you’ve had to read for a class?

Maybe On Writing Well, by William Zinsser? It really, really helped me, especially with my essay writing. In fiction I’ve always understood the principle that character voice is king, but in my nonfiction I had no such restraints, and I tended to not use one word where twenty would do, or “strong” where “puissant” also appeared in the dictionary. I still don’t usually err on the side of simplicity, but On Writing Well demonstrated the value of simplicity in a way that just really clicked for me and helped my writing a lot.

What is your favorite season (or month)?


Why did you choose your blog name?


Why is this so embarrassing to actually explain?

I didn’t want my blog to be official or grown-up. Just a sort of “enchanted place” – a cozy, companionable spot where we talk a little about Kings and Factors but mostly about stories and Bears of Little Brain. A little serious, but mostly silly. You know?

Who is a blogger that you think everyone should follow? (You’re not allowed to say me, even if you want to, which you probably don’t. XD)

I think all y’all should follow…Samantha over at Bookshire.




I actually don’t want to answer this question for real, because that involves picking someone out of the many bloggers I love and…I hate picking.

So I’m not going to do it.


(Sam writes lovely book reviews, though. So you should follow her. And if you are Sam—since I’m answering this question for your benefit after all—go follow yourself. There.)

And now on to the Liebster award and Emily’s fascinating questions!

What is the hardest part about writing for you?

The action.

I don’t get how anybody writes it, keeps the pacing at a realistic level, and manages to make it not sound stupid. I truly don’t.

How much sleep do you get on average?

Hmm. Probably my full eight hours? I like my sleep and make sure I get it. Grades and social life are secondary considerations. But at the same time, I hate sleeping in. It’s like a miserable experience and I never do it. So probably right around eight. Maybe seven if I’m doing anything particularly awesome in my life that I would rather do than sleep.

What is your favorite quote? Why?

For the sincere controversialist is above all things a good listener; he listens to the enemy’s arguments as eagerly as a spy would listen to the enemy’s arrangements. – G. K. Chesterton

That’s one of them, at least.

What’s your MBTI, Ennegram, and Hogwarts House?

ISTJ. One. No idea. I’m going by SortingHatChats’s descriptions of the Hogwarts Houses, which basically sort you by how you “do” morality. And I can’t for the life of me decide which type I am. The only one I don’t think I am is Slytherin, but even then I’m not sure because loyalty is a really, really, really important value to me? To the point that I hate when other people don’t display it, or rate it lower than I think it deserves? (But is that just me being a Ravenclaw who’s put loyalty high in her structure of morality??? Or a Hufflepuff who believes you should never let someone down because people matter most??? Or a Gryffindor who has made humanity her Cause??? You see my problem?)

What is something that can make you laugh every time you read it?

That scene in Frederica where Charles is explaining about the elopement and the part he played in it and…I can’t be more specific without spoilers. But with Frederica being frantic and Alverstoke making sarcastic remarks and Charles maintaining a carefully neutral tone while he narrates these absolutely ridiculous events…I laugh every single time.

Also the Baluchistan hound scene, and also the part in The House at Pooh Corner where Piglet thinks Christopher Robin is a Heffalump and tries to hold a very Brave and Daring conversation with it.

Also Calvin and Hobbes.

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve had?

When I was five, I dreamed that my parents had dropped me off at a friend’s house, but only the friend’s mom was there, and she had gone inside the house for a second. While she was gone, a tiger came out of the woods and started chasing me up and down this stone staircase that was just sitting there on the lawn, leading to nowhere.

Then Deborah (the friend’s mom) came back outside and the tiger ran away.

Then Deborah went back inside, and the tiger came waddling out of the woods in a plastic yellow suit that was supposed to be a disguise that made it look like a bird, but I knew perfectly well it was still the tiger and he still wanted to eat me. So I screamed for Deborah. She appeared, with a grim expression on her face, packing a shotgun.

The tiger knew it was outmatched and scuttled away into the woods.

What is your sense of humor? (Share with us something you find funny)

My sense of humor is very simple. I think all the following memes are hilarious (like the counting rests one? The ACCURACY, you guys).

What is something you do that you get annoyed with yourself about?

Get really literal? To take a rather trivial matter that has caused me an outsized amount of annoyance. Sometimes when somebody says something normal, but slightly idiomatic, to me, my brain decides to interpret it completely literally, which results in me having no idea what they said even though I know I should know what they said (does that make sense??), and it’s really, really awkward.

Fight or flight? Why?

I genuinely don’t know. My instincts are more like, Freeze Until I Decide Whether Fighting Or Fleeing Is A Better Option, But Mostly, Don’t Do Anything Rash.

Would you rather remain locked in a cozy room with good snacks and a computer for the rest of your life or be at a party with tons of people and loud music and good food and a notebook and pencil for the rest of your life?

As much as I would hate being locked in a room and having to write by word processor rather than by hand…being stuck at a party with loud music (it’s not even the people, it’s the loud music) would drive me absolutely insane. And also I’d be completely exhausted. For the rest of my life. So, cozy room. At least I can sing and turn a cramped cartwheel or two and fail spectacularly at tap dancing, for variety. And I imagine I’d get to have my violin, so…yeah.

What is your greatest fear?

Either being stuck or being not myself.

Many thanks to Sam and Emily for the tags! I had fun! I hope you guys did too, heh. Tell me, were you an orchestra kid?? Do you like the music memes?? What was your rationale behind your blog name??

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      1. *highfives* Those INFPs and INFJs won’t see it coming. (And INTJs and XNXXs because we know you think you’re extra smart and creative and all that jazz. ;P )


      2. The INTJs are scarily perceptive, so maybe they’ll see it coming, but we will overwhelm them with our solid grasp of details and stubbornness and whatnot! 😛 (All those N types…*shakes head*)

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  1. This post made me unaccountably happy. 🙂

    I SWEAR I didn’t write that first question with the intention of making you divulge your love for Marvel. I PROMISE. Okay, but “fairy-tale feel” is the perfect way to describe The First Avenger. I love it!

    That piece of advice is brilliant, and I will be thinking about it for awhile, too. (And now I kind of want to know what your teacher told you about the 2nd movements of violin concertos.)

    I’m going to have to try that cream-cheese-and-olive-sandwich thing! I mean, I like cream cheese, I like olives, and I generally like weird food combos, so…

    James Herriot! I haven’t thought about him in ages, but I really do need to go reread some of his books now that I know a lot more about veterinary science…

    Ugh. Dumas is the worst. And I felt about John Green like you felt about The Avengers (sort of. I’m hoping you didn’t distain Avengers in the way I distain John Green?)–it’s ridiculous and I don’t like it, but boy is it entertaining.

    Aaah October. I love October, too!

    I laughed out loud quite a lot at your answer to the last of my questions! (But also…you’re too sweet. But I shall be ignoring your advice to go follow myself. Sorry. XD)

    ISTJs are awesome! My dad is one, and I’m…almost. I’m definitely INTJ, but pretty close on the N and the S. And I’m a One, too! No wonder we agree about so many things…and disagree about others. XD


    UM. Those memes. I love. Especially the one with the (#) because I was LITERALLY just irritated about that the other day. And the counting one! I’m not a band kid, but I am a choir kid, and that is scarily accurate. XD

    I would 100% also choose the Very Quiet Room over the Enormous Party. No question.

    Wow, that is an extraordinarily long comment for a tag post! But I shan’t apologize because I know you hate that. 🙂


    1. Aw, good. 🙂

      You sure about that? *side-eyes your intentions*
      Yes, I thought it was so good! In an unexpected way.

      It’s very motivating, anyway. 😛 (And, uh…I forget exactly how she said it, and part of it was her demonstrating for me so I can’t really reproduce that, but she was basically saying to think of making it SOUND the way Baroque architecture LOOKS. Because the second movement is supposed to be the slow, mellow one but it still has SO MANY NOTES because…Baroque. And so it can be really hard to capture that peaceful feeling. Baroque architecture does it, though. There are frills and flutes and ornamentation crammed everywhere, and yet so often it feels peaceful and sublime rather than cluttered and busy. And my problem explaining is that I forget exactly how she said it, but she sort of showed me how to do that same thing when you’re playing the music? How to balance all the notes and the importance of each one with the serenity of the overall movement.)

      You’ll have to tell me if you like it! I’m actually not the hugest olive fan, but I think the combo is delicious.

      Reading Herriot with a knowledge of veterinary science seems like it would be…the best thing.

      Ha. I can see how John Green would be entertaining – his writing is pretty clever, for one thing. And no, I don’t think I disdained The Avengers like you do John Green! I have a lot of thoughts both positive and negative, honestly, which (if you don’t mind) I’ll definitely go into in the Civil War email.

      It’s so PRETTY. 😍 And equally pretty whether you’re in the South or the Midwest – unlike September, which I used to think might be my favorite. September in the South is basically just August 2.0.

      Well…good. I’m glad you are not angry with me for being rebellious. 😛 (Um, why not? I assure you that Samantha is worth following! She even has baby goat pictures!)

      Well, I think INTJs are cool! But I am reasonably convinced that Tolkien was an ISTJ, so I’ll accept that we’re cool too. (And from what little I know of your dad, HE seems really cool. I like the company I find myself in.) And yesss, high five to a fellow One! (This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve thought before we’re pretty similar! Both people of Strong Opinions, clearly. :P)

      GOLD, I TELL YOU. (Kind of like…the entire book.)

      YES. It’s so irritating for some reason. (And always confused me as a kid.) And the rests. I’ve only sung, like, twice, in a choir where we did anything fancy enough to be worried about counting rests, but yeah. It IS scarily accurate. XD

      That question was really hard, but…Enormous Parties…*shudders*

      An extraordinarily nice comment, I think you mean. It made my day. (You know me well. 😂 Long comments are the bomb.)


      1. (Really and truly I did not even THINK about that when I was writing the questions. It was an agreeable side effect.)

        Okay, that is a truly brilliant but probably VERY hard to implement piece of advice. I’m not sure I’ll ever have chance to use it (I play piano m’self, not violin), but I will definitely think about it when I’m playing Baroque pieces. 🙂

        I’ll let you know what I think, when the chance comes up! (I think we’re out of olives just at the moment…)

        I think it would be! I keep meaning to do some rereading, but instead bowing to my already gargantuan TBR. I’ll have to make time for it one of these days!

        I’m so glad you had positive thoughts about Avengers! (I mean…from the description it sort of sounded like you liked it? But I couldn’t tell.) It was my intro to the MCU, and has a special place in my heart. I would love to hear your thoughts in the Civil War email!

        It IS! (And I believe it about September in the South. Honestly, the weather in the South is just the worst, unless you’re there in February. February is the best in the South.)

        About tag rules? With the number of tag rules I’ve broken, I don’t have the right to be angry with anyone about tag rules. XD (Her baby goats are cute, yes. But there’s a bit of a…shall we say “logistical difficulty” in my following her.)

        Aww, thank you! I love that Tolkien was an ISTJ! (And I think my dad is pretty cool, but of course, I’m biased. XD) You’re definitely in good company.
        High five back! (Yeah, we do seem to be pretty similar, personality wise! (As well as in other ways!) Strong Opinions for the win!)

        (Oh, yeah. That whole book is ah. may. zing.)

        Yeah, we don’t do super hard rhythmic things in choir all that often, but when we do…it gets intense. XD

        Oh, thank you! Your reply made my day, thus the very long reply. XD (Long comments are TOTALLY the bomb, and I always LOVE getting them, but for some reason I always feel a little worried about leaving them. :))


      2. Oh, cool! I didn’t know you played piano! (Or if I did…I forgot. Sorry. :P) And yes, great but hard to implement. XD Like a lot of good advice, honestly.

        The gargantuan TBR beast though. It is real. I reread All Creatures Great and Small last year, and it’s totally worth it. So good. Such a comfort read. (Maybe you should reread it at college or something!)

        (Yes, I think overall I liked The Avengers!) (and sorry I haven’t replied yet, busy weekend and all. I’ll do my best to send that email soon!)

        So…the February I was in the South, there was a week of 20-degree weather, which was apparently unusually cold (it was kind of hilarious, actually, how people freaked out and wondered if the school would close campus over a few little flurries of snow high in the sky, like y’all really don’t have winter around here, do you?), and not exactly what I’d call the best. But winter where it’s 50 degrees all the time IS pretty attractive. (Except not. I like my snow and my dragon-breath.)
        And anybody who likes the weather in the South in a general sense…must just really like sweat?? (That’s how summer is where I live too, just endless heat and sweat, but at least summer is confined to ACTUAL SUMMER instead of three-quarters of the year. XD)

        (Logistical difficulty? Sounds like EXCUSES to me 😒)

        This is true. We are both animal-loving, book-loving, science-nerd writer musicians who also love history and are the oldest sibling in our families. It’s kind of scary, actually. (Strong Opinions forever. XD)

        Your choir sounds cool, I gotta say. 😄

        Thank you for your very long reply! (I’m the same way. I LOVE getting them but always feel worried about leaving them. Even when the other person explicitly says that they too love long comments. Why do we do this. It does not make sense. XD)


  2. You are not alone in your love for olive and cream cheese sandwiches. 😀 Although we usually use Spanish olives or Kalamata olives–we get so methodical about it sometimes that we’ll literally dump a whole jar of olives and a whole tub of cream cheese into the blender, make a huge vat of combined spread, and then just eat on it for the next fortnight. (And it never occurred to me that it was crazy.) Methinks I’ll have to try black olives sometime soon.
    Also, the musical memes are hilarious. Once upon a time I was a choir kid, and I was definitely counting rests like that. (In fact, when I look back at our old choir videos, I can always pick myself out of the masses because I’m the one bobbing my head in time like fury. *facepalm*)

    Liked by 1 person

      😂😂 Seriously, though, that’s so cool y’all love them too! I have felt so alone, so judged, for so long. 😛
      That’s actually brilliant, to just make a whole batch of spread. My mind is blown. I will be trying this out directly. (Black olives are really good. I’ll have to try the other kinds myself!)

      HA. That’s very funny. And I relate. I’m actually kind of glad we don’t have any old orchestra videos (to my knowledge)…


  3. The sandwich you mention sounds much like a bruschetta, only untoasted and without the cheese. I wouldn’t mind trying some.
    The Count of Monte Christo frustrated me. I don’t mean to discourage you, though. Part of the reason I hated it was because I was somehow led to believe it was a story about forgiveness instead of revenge.
    Both options of the second to last question sound horrific. Both have elements I’d like… but either-or, forever? Brrr.
    (I took a look at Samantha’s blog. She has goats! I approve!)


    1. I’ve never heard of a bruschetta (it sounds…Greek?), but if it’s similar to my beloved sandwich I think I’d like to try it. (And the sandwich is quite good + not expensive, so I recommend!)

      Wait, I thought it WAS about forgiveness. Okay. Now I’m feeling wary…

      Yes, exactly! I couldn’t stand to be cooped up like that, forever, and how am I supposed to get along without my regular dose of people-watching? But yet. They’re both highly distressing options.

      (She does!!! And they’re so cute!!! I was thinking they were the same kind you were talking about, Nigerian dwarfs, though I might be wrong about that.)


  4. This was so hilarious and fun to read! I absolutely love that quote by Chesterton. He’s fantastic. XD And THOSE MEMES. I choked on my water. 🤣🤣🤣 Those were epic and SO RELATABLE.

    I am super curious as to what piece of advice your violin teacher gave you! Starting a new concerto myself. These things could be handy.

    What specifically about Dumas did you not like? I mean sure, there were tons of things I disapproved of in The Three Musketeers, but personally I found it hilarious, especially as I laugh at everyone. Also, The Count of Monte Cristo was, in my opinion, far, far better, so definitely give it a try. 😉

    *whispers* You don’t happen to watch TwoSet violin, do you?

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    1. As an inveterate arguer…yep, I appreciate that Chesterton quote so much. And I knowwww the music memes! They’re so true!! (My sister says it’s dumb, but the metronome one makes me laugh so hard. Can I JUST be RIGHT and the metronome be WRONG this ONE TIME??!!)

      Okay, so, I tried to explain it in a previous comment, to Samantha. Which I didn’t do well at all because I can’t remember exactly what she said that made it like, click. It has to do with being very light while also very precise – I don’t know if you play the piano, but it’s a little like having good touch while still playing softly? Except with tempo as well as bowing. I don’t know, this is probably so unhelpful. I just know she helped me play it the way I wanted to play it, basically by telling me to make it sound like Baroque architecture.

      I think I didn’t like the shallowness. The content did bother me, but then on top of that it was all so ridiculous and I should have thought it was funny, but it just felt predictable and stupid to me, instead? And I’d had really high hopes so that aggravated my negative feelings, probably. Kind of a personal preference thing, I guess, because I can see why it would be entertaining, I just didn’t personally find it so.
      Good to hear that the Count of Monte Cristo is way better! That’s what I’m hoping.

      *whispers* wait, do you watch them too? *forgets to whisper and shouts from the rooftops* I LOVE TWOSET!!! (Though to be completely honest I don’t watch them consistently because I don’t watch anything YouTube regularly, but they are on the shortlist of channels I always come back to because…well, you know, they’re great.)

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      1. I would all but swear that a metronome app on my phone changes speed. ESPECIALLY because I got another app to compare the two, so yes, I was right, it was wrong, due to sCiEnCe. 😛

        Wow that’s actually really profound! I do play the piano, but I’ve never thought about applying that same concept to the violin! And play it like the architecture…it sounds abstract but I can imagine it…that is really awesome. I’m going to have to try this when I practice.

        Mm yeah, I definitely agree about the shallowness. Personally (I read the whole series, though I don’t necessarily suggest you do the same) it does improve in depth as the books go on (except for that one book – which had me gagging) but yes, I completely understand. Let me know what you think of the Count of Monte Cristo when you read it! I’d love to discuss. 😉

        EYYY ANOTHER TWOSETTER! *high-fives* This makes me very happy for some reason. 😆

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      2. WHAT. So the metronome can be wrong. I ALWAYS KNEW IT. (This goes against everything I’ve ever been taught… But it has been TESTED by SCIENCE. So it is reliable and wow. I must say, I love that you actually tested it. And that SURE ENOUGH your hunch was correct. Have you ever considered being the detective star of a crime show?)

        I thought it was a pretty cool idea! And I hope you’ll find it useful! (But if not…at least it’s still a cool idea. XD)

        I definitely will let you know, whether I like it or not! I imagine it shall be a fun discussion 🙂

        *high-fives* YES. The only other TwoSetter I know is another blogger, Nicole Dust, so it’s pretty exciting to me too!!!

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  5. I’ll be honest, I don’t really ‘get’ Hogwarts houses, but I’m a Slytherin. (I’m like that about a lot of personality typing things, actually! ‘I don’t think you can sum up a whole personality into this simplistic structure. I’m an INTJ.’)

    Ok, those musical memes made me laugh. Peak humor right there.

    I’m kind of scared to say this in case a Marvel stan finds this comment, but I didn’t like Civil War either? The relationship between Steve and Bucky was really good, but I didn’t like how they portrayed Tony. Like. Conscripting a child soldier (HOW old is Spider Man in that movie??? 16?) isn’t cute and quirky, Marvel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t get them either, honestly, though I did think distinguishing how people think about morality is a fascinating idea. And, you know, more nuanced than “Slytherins are ambitious, Hufflepuffs are nice, Gryffindors are brave, and Ravenclaws are studious,” which is what I always got out of it before. (And like. The only thing I’m not, then, is Gryffindor. An argument could be made [by my sisters] for excluding Hufflepuff as well, but whatever. How is this even interesting.) Anyway. Slytherins seem cool. (Ahahahh that made me laugh so much. I don’t like your labels, but this one! It’s me! 😂😂)

      I’m so pleased that you (and multiple other people) like those memes. They make me laugh! So glad they make you laugh too. 🙂

      You, my friend, are right on. (As usual.) Steve and Bucky’s whole relationship is a yes, but otherwise….I KNOW. Did the kid even know what was going ON?? And this is dangerous, this stuff you’re asking him to do. This movie and Homecoming were the first two I saw Tony in and I feel like maybe my perspective on him is warped because I absolutely cannot stand how he treated Spider Man in either of them. No. Just no.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ack, I want to read Assignment in Brittany but the library doesn’t have it *weeps*
    How do people write action. How is this done, I do not understand.
    Yesss, Calvin and Hobbes ❤
    All the music memes are hilarious–especially the one about counting rests XD


    1. *weeps in solidarity* I don’t know if I know of any libraries that DO have Helen MacInnes. It’s a shame. It’s also a shame I don’t know you irl because then I could just lend you my copy. D’:


      ❤ They are so funny and I don’t even really know why?? But definitely one of those things that, you are surprised to find, actually deserves its popularity 😛

      Glad you thought so! Yeah, that one in particular is just…too real. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Sunshine Liebster. I love it.
    ISTJ! That’s a cool type. Same as my sister, actually. I think she might be a One, too, but I’m not sure.
    You definitely give off strong Ravenclaw “vibes” to me at least, but I could also see you as a Gryffindor. Maybe A Gryffinclaw? I’m not sure.
    I’m an INFP, a Four, and a Gryffindor.
    I kind of like Civil War, but I also kind of don’t, if that makes any sense.
    Mmm, cream cheese and olive sandwiches? Those sound delicious. I’ll have to try that sometime.


    1. I’m definitely gonna name my first kid that.

      Hey, cool!! High five to your sister!
      And interesting! I will trust your assessment. I really like the sound of “Gryffinclaw” so…I’m gonna say that’s what I am. XD

      INFP!!!! My little sister is one, and I love her. And we technically have all the same cognitive functions, just in a different order, which I think is cool!

      That makes a LOT of sense. I feel that way about Too Many Things, tbh. Almost including Civil War (because Bucky and Steve’s relationship…and Nat in general…is kinda everything.)

      😀 I hope you like them!! And I’m so glad they sound delicious and not just weird. I have been so judged for this and I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY. THEY ARE DELICIOUS.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Love this! The memes made me laugh because they’re SO true. I play the flute in a band so the trumpet one is especially true. The rest one though… so accurate. I used to rely on my neighbors when I was younger, but now being the senior, others rely on me. Flutes are “lucky” to get long rests all the time, so I usually make note of what the other sections have so I don’t have to count the whole thing. 🙂 Ah, sharps used to scare me, but I think I’ve gotten over that, finally.

    Our personality types are very similar. I’m an ISFJ for the most part, but sometimes an INTJ. I’m for sure an introvert, but every time I’ve taken the test the results vary for the other letters. XD


    1. Yay! 😀
      Yessss the trumpet one. Everyone who knows…knows. XD (And it’s really cool you play flute!! I’ve always wanted to learn the flute. I even tried once, but I just didn’t have the time to practice three instruments, plus, like, it’s hard. XD)
      What really scares me are flats. Which is because I play the violin, I guess. It’s definitely a much more sharp-friendly instrument.

      Hey, cool! Well, if you’re an ISFJ, we are DEFINITELY similar, cognitive-function-wise and all. I think ISFJs are pretty cool. My main character is one, lol.


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