The Get-to-Know-Me Tag (Writer’s Edition)

Recently, I was tagged.

Not for the Get-to-Know-Me Tag. No, that would be too obvious.  For a different tag.

But it brought tags to the forefront of my mind. For, many moons ago – or I think it was many moons ago; I’m not sure precisely what a moon is, but I always supposed it was roughly equivalent to a month – I was tagged for the Get-to-Know-Me Tag. (Many thanks to Blue for this great honor, and to Savannah for creating this lovely tag.)

I don’t know what about me you don’t know after over a year now of blogging (goodness, this little place is getting old!), but perhaps some of this will be new info? I don’t know. I like answering questions about myself too much not to do it, regardless.

(At least, I like answering questions about myself if I have plenty of time to think about the answers and am not made to feel that my answers are insufficient by the puzzled stares of the asker. So I don’t really like answering them in person.  But that is the beauty of blog posts.)

~The Get-to-Know-Me Tag (Writer’s Edition)~

get to know me graphic


name: Sarah Seele (like y’all didn’t know :P)

nickname: Princess (plus a bunch of weird shortenings of my name, courtesy of sisters)

birthday: Many years ago.

hair color/length: Blonde. Very much so. Although a friend did once try to convince me that I’m brunette? A group of us were telling blonde jokes (I was just standing there, appreciating), and she suddenly realized I was the only blonde. The lack of sensitivity displayed by the topic of conversation distressed her, so she tried to play it off by explaining how I wasn’t really blonde…while everyone stared at her like she was crazy.  Because I am definitely blonde.

As for length, it is just below my shoulder blades at the moment.  My mom has long had a burning desire to chop some of it off, so I finally let her; last week it was past my waist.

eye color: Blue. With hints of grey and hazel tendencies.

braces/piercings/tattoos: None. Unlike my unfortunate sisters, I’ve always had straight teeth.  And piercings of any sort (including ears) kind of freak me out, to be honest.

right or lefty: I’m right-handed. Although for some reason, I kick better with my left foot?

ethnicity: I think I have a bit of Scots and English from one grandmother, but what I know for sure is:

German. My grandfather was 100% German (my last name is German, but the only person who’s ever realized it was a person from Germany), though he himself was born in Ohio.  I have a lot of German from my other grandfather too.

Irish. My great-grandfather’s first name was Patrick, his last name started with “Mc,” and he had red hair and a temper to match.

Cherokee. From two different great-great grandmothers. I always wonder what they were like.  One had four sons who lived outside a little Arkansas town; whenever unsavory characters appeared there, the townspeople sent for “those Indian boys” to come throw them out.  Also, both were from Oklahoma, and I very much wonder if they knew each other.  And I wonder about the Trail of Tears. Is that part of my family’s history?

(Family history is a fascinating subject.  Some people are descended from Charlemagne, Daniel Boone, and Tecumseh, which just, whoa.  I’ll probably never know those kinds of things, but I do wish I knew more about my family.)



novel written: It wasn’t actually long enough to be a novel, but it was a “chapter book,” so I’m counting it: The Fairy White Girl and the Princess, when I was five.  I believe my mother wrote it out for me, and I illustrated it and presented it to my parents.  The main character, the princess, was always being kidnapped or attacked by wild Indians.  The fairy white girl (who always wore a shimmering white dress, hence the name) was always rushing to rescue her.  I was equally fascinated by fairy-tale whimsy and Westerns from the very beginning, it appears.

novel completed: I’m gonna say this question is asking for my first novel completed that was actually a novel, in the sense that it was over 50k words.  And this, my friends, would be Fire and Roses, when I was thirteen. Elizabeth, a young English orphan, went to live with her distant cousins the Longsteins in the Ohio Territory, about eight years after the American Revolution.  There wasn’t much of a plot.  The best character was Jeremiah, whose two main pastimes were teasing Elizabeth and getting into fights on her behalf (such is the form taken by adopted-brotherly affection). Also, the ending was really, really sad and I wrote an alternate one to make myself feel better about it.

award for writing: Well, for school one year I did the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum, and I entered the Student Contest with my novel, and it was a finalist? The first and only sort of award I have won to date.

first publication:  Being neither a prophet nor the daughter of a prophet, I cannot say.

conference: I went to the One Year Adventure Novel 2016 Summer Workshop, does that count? It was lovely.

query/pitch: None yet, my lads. I’ve a wee smidge of editing yet to do.



novel (that you wrote): The Dream-Peddler, I suppose. Heh.

genre: To read or write?  To write, historical fiction (though I love certain types of fantasy and lowkey want to write a history book or two someday). To read, I don’t know, historical fiction or fantasy?  Or the kind of thing E. B. White and James Herriot and Ralph Moody write?  Or science-explained-for-the-layman type stuff? DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE.

author(s): I have previously answered this with A. A. Milne, and I’m just going to stick with that, because it ignores so many other authors I love and yet it is the only way to stem a veritable flood of names. I don’t really have a favorite author, but if I did it’d be A. A. Milne.

writing music: Writing and listening to music are, for me, mutually exclusive activities.

time to write: Like Blue, either early morning (when I have stuff to get out of the way first) or late at night (when I need to go to bed).

writing snack/drink: Usually nothing, because eating and writing are also kind of mutually exclusive activities for me, unfortunately…. Although I always have my water bottle by me.  And sometimes I drink peppermint tea and nibble on 85% cacao.

movie: Tangled and The Magnificent Seven jointly occupy the top spot. (Close behind are The Big Sleep and The Perfect Game.)

writing memory: Staying up till one a.m. finishing my novel. My dad staying up with me, doing paperwork he could just as well have done the next day.  Me and him going out for ice cream (to celebrate) and driving round the city seeing the darkness and the distant lights while we ate it.

childhood book: For top, top spot, nothing beats The Chronicles of Narnia. Very cliche answer and all that, but seriously, the amount of times I reread them and the extent to which they informed my imagination are probably incalculable.



writing: ANNA! You have no idea how good it feels to say that. Now that I’ve finished The Dream-Peddler, I can get back to my favorite child.

listening to: My mom frying eggs while my sister hums the fragments of a new song she wrote.

watching: The dog’s tail wagging. (The rest of her is invisible beneath the table.)

learning: How to find the Jacobian and change variables to evaluate integrals, how the heck spherical coordinates work, and various things about triple integrals. (My brain is dead.)



want to be published: That is indeed the hope.

traditional or indie: Traditional.

wildest goal: I have a lot of pretty out-there goals, but they’re all kind of personal and not something I feel comfortable sharing.  But…I really, really want to see and spend some time in the Yukon someday. So that’s a thing.


It’s been so long I don’t know who all has done this tag, so I will just tag Becky and Project Pursue Wisdom and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, what was the first novel you wrote? Do you listen to music while writing? Do you have a favorite writing snack? Do you love some of your story children more than others?


8 thoughts on “The Get-to-Know-Me Tag (Writer’s Edition)

  1. Lovely post! I relate to writing and listening to music being mutually exclusive activities, as well as writing and eating. I have tired to listen to music while I write sometimes, but it doesn’t help. It only distracts me. Eating does the same thing. I cannot multitask.
    I wrote a story about a fairy! When I was like…nine? I guess I used to love fairies but I hardly think about them anymore.
    Ah, A.A. Milne.
    I think I have actually only written one book that is technically novel length? It’s a fantasy about a poetically inclined, socially isolated kid named Zindor who gets caught between two different clans who think he can help them win a war. It’s good stuff. But badly needs editing. I did write another book that was 49,000 words, so just shy of “novel length.” Mostly my stuff is just shorter than that for some reason. Either that or I don’t finish it.
    I certainly love some of my story children more than others. I am a terrible mother. Especially considering that I can’t blame them for being awful because it’s always my fault. But yeah.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU DO? I think you’re the first person I’ve met who says that. How wonderful to know I’m not alone! I’ve tried it before too, to get in the mood of a scene, but…yeah, nope. Multitasking is a skill I marvel at.
      Fairy stories are lovely! I stopped writing them too, though. I think it’s a childhood thing. (Well, I do still have a fairy story I want to write. But they aren’t the tiny fluttery type of fairies.)
      I remember Zindor! From some post you did… That book sounds amazing. Poetically inclined, socially isolated kid. Warring clans. Good stuff indeed. (“Badly needs editing” describes too many of my stories, alas.) Are you planning to edit it any time soon?
      49k, that’s so close. XD Well, I think a lot of stories are too long, so maybe it’s good you write short stuff. Nothing against 500-page fantasy tomes, but the world isn’t exactly suffering for lack of them…
      Haha! We can form a Terrible Mothers Club and lament about our children’s awfulness. It will be a secret club so the world can’t look in and point out that their awfulness is our own fault.


  2. Fairies and westerns… I actually like that combination.
    Mint tea and 85% cocoa is the way to go. Perfect writing fuel!
    That’s a great writing memory! (If I wrote until 1am, I think I would celebrate by going to bed.)
    I would also love to see the Yukon. Anywhere up north fascinates me.


    1. Me too, actually. Maybe I ought to try it again sometime.
      (Haha! Same for me, nowadays. Thirteen-year-olds have energy I don’t anymore.)
      Oh, YES, it really is fascinating up there! My sister and I were discussing recently how in Westerns the outlaws always either go to Canada or Mexico, and we decided if you were a Northern Person you went to Canada and if you were a Southern Person you went to Mexico. I would DEFINITELY go to Canada. And keep right on going.


  3. You and I have the same system for tags, anytime someone tags me I remember the five hundred that I haven’t done. Lol. XD Tangled and The Magnificent Seven are great movies! I’ve wanted to see The Big Sleep for awhile but have never heard of The Perfect Game. What’s it about?


    1. Haha, yes, exactly! It’s something of a problem. XD
      Ooh, I would love to see your review of The Big Sleep if you ever watched it! And The Perfect Game too. It’s this adorable movie based on a true story of a team of Mexican kids who played in the Little League World Series of 1957. It’s really funny and sweet. Plus, BASEBALL.


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