The Most Interesting and Highly Democratic VOTED MOST LIKELY Tag

It’s been a while since I rambled about my characters. It’s also been a while since I was tagged by Belle Anne for the Voted Most Likely tag, yet still no “Voted Most Likely Tag” post have I seen roundabout here.

Today I propose to remedy both evils by doing the tag, wherein one places an original character of one’s own into each of the given categories. With presumably some explanation. I don’t know. I could just write “[character’s name]” and nothing more under each one, but I can’t help feeling that would be somewhat unsatisfactory.

(Also, some of the scenes these questions called up in my mind made me long to illustrate them. But alas, I am no artist.)

Thanks awfully for the tag, Belle Anne! And shoutout to Phoebe, who created it here:

Also, for my own peace of mind I have color-coded my answers according to which novel the character under discussion is from, so here, if you want it, is the code:


The Dream-Peddler

The Fairy Ring

Stars in the Streets (more commonly referred to as “TERESA”)


The (unwritten) one commonly referred to as “my Harvey/Smith of Wootton Major story”

And now the questions:

Most likely to be a poet

Ha. Narril. He acts all tough and disillusioned, but he’s got a secret soft spot for both beauty and literature, which makes him the perfect candidate, seeing as how poetry is kind of like the marrying of the two – the raw essence of the one composed within the framework of the other for comprehension.

Most likely to dance in the rain

Rose. She pretty much goes through life dancing in the rain, figuratively and literally, and has no qualms about enacting the literal side of it even at school, if a sufficiently inviting rainstorm blesses lunch hour. Much to Peter’s embarrassment.

Most likely to look good in a kilt

Adrin would look good in anything. Also, he’d wear the kilt with dignity and, while his fellow soldiers were snickering behind their hands, give a stirring speech about how it’s the attire of his ancestors (even though it’s…not. I mean, I guess originally Elinisrans and Emraeins were the same group of people, and ancient Emraeins might very well have worn kilts – in fact, I bet redneck Emraeins wear them to this day – but I don’t know. And if I don’t know, Adrin certainly doesn’t). Certain ladies would be swooning, and certain others (like Brynn and Anna) would be rolling their eyes.

Most likely to get punched in the face

I’d say Misherel, only no one would dare punch her in the face, no matter how much they might want to.

So how about Dom, Jem’s obnoxious little nephew? I’m sure he’s been punched in the face many a time. (Telling girls they have too many freckles and ask too many questions is not how you get them to like you, buddy.)

Most likely to drop everything and become a sheep-herder

This is difficult, ’cause I have a number of characters (not even all from the same story) who did drop everything. Everything being sheep-herding. So it doesn’t make any sense to use one of them, even though they’re the ones who, I think, have the temperament.

Honestly, more than anyone, I see myself in this role. Under the right circumstances, I would totally drop everything and become a sheep-herder.

But I can’t answer this question with myself, because I am not (so far as I know?) a fictional character. So…

Wait, no, I’ve got it! Jimmy-Stewart-but-not-Jimmy-Stewart’s invisible friend from Faerie. He’s very chill and seems like the sheep-herding type to me. I see it.

Most likely to be found in the library

Sarah. That girl’s best friends are books. (In fact, her only friends are books…which is slightly worrying.)

Most likely to sleep through an earthquake

Mr. Connelly. At least if the earthquake didn’t happen on a Sunday.

Most likely to steal food from other people’s plates

Bjorn. That dog is about as well trained as mine. Which is to say, not trained at all.

Most likely to cheat on a test

Jimmy (Bobby? Names in this story are a work in progress), my precious skeptical little Cockney son. Without a second thought. The kid’s whole philosophy in life is, “Cheat the other fellow before he can cheat you.”

Most likely to say “Oops” after setting something on fire

Oh, this is so Cathan. I can see him doing it. Casually setting fire to Eima’s belongings before Afton and Caisida realise what he’s doing (because Eima’s annoying, and also Cathan doesn’t need things spelled out for him to have a pretty fair idea where Caisida acquired certain bruises, and nobody hurts Cathan’s friends and gets away with it), then grinning cheekily over at them. “Oops.”

Most likely to open an orphanage

(Ironically, Suora Netta, although she works in an orphanage, does not strike me as the opening-an-orphanage type.)

I think if Miss Ryeira was rich, opening an orphanage is exactly what she’d do. Her inn is basically an orphanage for adult orphans, like eccentric artists who have to be reminded to eat and what day of the week it is, and lonely foreign boys who are clearly hiding something and to whom she can teach all her favorite Elinisran country dances.

Most likely to run off with the circus

I think Teresa, though she’s not in the least athletic, would do this for a lark. (And to spite Suora Netta.) And she’d run right home again at her first taste of the high wire.

Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse

Jem Macneil, hands down. Keeping yourself and a small child safe from a dozen trained Ansar men for at least a month is not easy, but he did it. Plus, he’s an expert at surviving alone in the woods. Plus, sick archery skills. If anyone has the levelheadedness and skillset to outlast the zombies, my money’s on Jem.

(Gosh, I love Jem.)

Most likely to fake their own death

Ha! I have a character (Dugo, Anna’s father) who actually did this, and it’s the most uncharacteristic thing ever, but yeah, he did it. As for why he did it, when it’s so out of character, he and I must plead extenuating circumstances. (Very extenuating.)

Most likely to die and haunt their friends

The unflickering-eyes man. Definitely the unflickering-eyes man.

For my requisite five people, I tag:

1. Anyone who proudly wore that “I voted today” sticker as a child (even though it was actually your parent who voted so like ???)

2. Anyone who’s ever held elected office (be it even President of the Sisters’ Society for Procuring a Gift for Dad)

3. Anyone with a story set in a democracy (there are strangely few of these, I’ve noticed)

4. Anyone who shops at Aldi (they have that “voted best value” or something plastered up everywhere, right?)

5. Everyone whose blog I read who hasn’t done it already, because I WANT TO SEE YOUR ANSWERS (please)

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7 thoughts on “The Most Interesting and Highly Democratic VOTED MOST LIKELY Tag

  1. Miss Ryeira sounds cute, I love characters like that

    Also Adrin giving a speech about kilts that is completely factually untrue just to justify why he’s wearing one is such a hilarious idea to me. Adrin sounds really cute too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun post! I have to say, I really like Miss Ryeira from that tiny description even though I don’t know anything else about her? How does that work?
    The unflickering-eyes man just sounds creepy….but in a good way.
    Super fun post! I might have to do this tag some time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do not know how that works. It is a great mystery. However, I have also had it happen to me, so I cannot doubt it is A Thing. (And I’m SO glad you like Miss Ryeira. I do feel that paragraph sums up the essentials of her personality pretty well, so…yeah. :D)
      I’m delighted you think so. I also think he’s creepy.
      Have you? High five! It might be terrible, but at least I learned an awful lot from writing it.
      I really hope you do!!!! I want to hear more about your characters!!! (And it is indeed a lot of fun. I think some of my characters were offended by where they were placed, but ah well.)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I so love getting sneak-peeks at your characters.

    Not to jump on the bandwagon, but Miss Ryeira sounds like great fun. Also Teresa. I wouldn’t survive a glimpse of the high-wire either. 🙂 And I am SO intrigued by the unflickering-eyes man. Like, is he good or evil and does he get a name but he’s too mysterious to reveal it or is he too minor to even have one and is he the kind of person who only doesn’t get named because he DOES die and haunt his friends pretty much upon being introduced (in which case he is automatically a candidate for Megan’s Favorite)?

    I totally wore the “I Voted Sticker” before I was old enough to vote. Also Aldi’s is the best.


    1. 😀 The bandwagon is a comfortable place to ride, every now and then. 😉
      The high wire is SCARY. Though I’ve always wanted to try it out. With a net underneath, of course.
      Ooohh yes the unflickering-eyes man. (I’m tempted to hum the X-Files theme here to enhance the air of mystery, but perhaps he’s not THAT mysterious, and also perhaps I have no idea how Caroline managed to successfully hum such an unhummable tune.) Hmm. I suppose I can disclose that no, he is not good and that we may or may not ever find out his name…

      Yes! I knew someone else had to have done that. 🙂
      And yes! Aldi is the best! (Except for only having the oven-ready lasagna noodles. So annoying. I want the NOT-oven-ready ones, Aldi!)


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